Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd Breeder Clayton Warichak

Von der Stadtrand meaning from the place outside the city. 

Breeder Clayton Warichak has been breeding Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds Since 1992. The breeder name ” Von der Stadtrand” was registered with The United Schutzhund Clubs of America in 1992.

German Shepherd Dogs have been a passion for Clayton Warichak starting at the age of 15. Clayton imported his first Schutzhund three male Shepherd from Germany at the age of 16. Clayton is married to his wife Margaret and they have a 10 year old son Seth. Clayton Warichak has been an active competitor in Schutzhund and also Conformation shows for over  20 years. Margaret and son Seth are active in raising the puppies and also train their dogs in Schutzhund.

The v.d Stadtrand German Shepherd dogs are known for their rich red color, beautiful structure, high intelligence, as well as their loyalty to the family. Clayton Warichak breeds his GSD’s from pure German Import bloodlines. Von d. Stadtrand German Shepherds come from both West German Showline and also West German Working lines. This makes the Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd the most well rounded dog for multipurpose. Most of Warichak’s German Shepherd puppies are living in family homes, however many are in working police-k9, search and rescue, agility, conformation shows, and also Schutzhund sport dogs.

All the litters are whelped in the home so the puppies are well socialized. Breeder Clayton Warichak personally whelps every litter. The puppies are held every day and talked to. The breeders website http://www.PolicePups.com is updated every week with new photos of the puppies. At three weeks Clayton starts giving the puppies a blended mix of puppy food and evaporated milk. This gives the puppies a strong start on life and an easy transition to solid puppy food at six weeks. Von der Stadtrand puppies are very social and have fluffy coats and strong bones. Most all Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds have the ears standing at 8 weeks. The puppies are sold with a written hip and health guarantee. Puppies are able to go to local homes or people who can drive to Von der Stadtrand and pick up at 7 weeks and puppies can be shipped on the airlines at 8 weeks of age.

Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds are bred to the German standard and each litter of puppies is assigned the next letter of the alphabet which every puppy’s first name starts with. All Warichak’s Puppies are all given an ear tattoo at 7 weeks. The tattoo is five digits located in the right ear. The tattoo ink is the same shade of green that was used in Germany for many years.

All von der Stadtrand German Shepherd dogs are invited to attend social dog training and pot luck barbeque every Saturday from 11-3pm during the months of April-Oct. Training is located at the Warichak farm in a large field secluded by trees. Clayton Warichak is a master of Schutzhund dog training which includes tracking, obedience, and protection training. This manner of breeding German Shepherd dogs with following through dog training is what makes Clayton Warichak stand out as a top breeder.

Member of Chicago Schutzhund Club